Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Witches

I think this man only loves Christmas to scare young children. He is a crafty problem solver, faced with the disappointment of his nieces and nephews growing up, he had to change with the times, and become a terrifying to all, not just the under the age of five, known as Christmas Eve at your Grandma's. Christmas Clown Witch, you are a whole new kind of awesome. You kind of make me want to go to the mall and watch small children kick, scream, and cry real tears, because the photos are always hilarious.

My Best Friend's Christmas Display circa 2006

This was Tina's Christmas display when she lived in the most amazingly decorated apartment in Austin. Check out her flickr hey tina, for amazing pictures from her daily adventures in New Mexico and her magical illustrations, screen prints, and doodles.

Christmas Taxidermy

Nothing is more amazing than a combination of two wonderful things that compliment each other perfectly it is elevated to a level that you didn't really think was even possible in this dimension. It becomes almost too amazing, making you slightly afraid its sheer wonder will rip through the fabric of time and space, sucking you into a black hole of mind blown. Screw peanut butter and jelly, behold the gold standard of combinations that is Christmas Taxidermy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Taxidermy

Not Tacky totally tacky, but totally amazing!

If you love Christmas music, do yourself a favor and listen to this album.

Winter Wonder Land

Call for Submissions

My love of Christmas and all holiday decorations runs deep.  As a child I was given a light up snowman for Christmas, which I used to accidentally used to electrocute myself, and things have never really looked the same. Growing up, a neighborhood near my house, used to require all residents to wrap their oak trees that lined the street, in white Christmas lights. I loved looking at the rebellious families who took the more is more approach, and you couldn't miss the colored lights they used like sprinkles along every light up character and nativity scene ever made available to consumers post WWII.

  I know you've seen these houses, and possibly heard the music blasting from their displays. Let's document these Winter Wonder Lands and share the magic, but non of the electric bill.

Old Jefferson, Louisiana

 Please send your photos of the most amazing over the top "Griswald-esque," holiday decorations, to Submissions will be posted here.